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Sally Rednarb's top recommended business branded giveaways are on the homepage linking to their respective suppliers. The chosen top 6 items highlighted are the most sought after promotional items and corporate gifts that serve as her best selling recommended products for effective branding for either branding recall for prospective future clients to customer loyalty in client contract renewals.

SRednarb has been recommending these products for the past 5 years and has proven in a measured marketing research studies to be an effective tool of offline marketing.

Promotional Items

Trade Show Giveaways

Being an organizer, resource speaker or booth exhibitor at trade shows and conferences need that constant reminder who you are, that you were there. The Trade Show/Exhibit/Conference corporate gift giveaways improve brand name recall and retention.

Branded USB Drives

Today is the age of information and technology, the time of the Internet where all data always has a saved digital copy. Digital data storage is an everyday commodity, which is why we highly recommend USB drives as promotional items.

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Corporate Items

Seasonal Business Giveaways

Some comporate items are more effective in spreading if they are in-sync with the seasons. Although seasons may end, you have the option to have a corporate gift for every season keeping that constant branding reminder.

Company Branded Apparel

Effective branding starts internally and works two ways. You help effectively augment the internal branding campaign for your employees tying them up with your company benefits developing a strong and loyal workforce pround to be part of your corporate, and at the same time make them walking promotional mediums that advertises the company wherever they go.

Company Branded Bags and Totes

This can work both as a company benefit for employees in the same way as thr company branded apparel and at the same time, they can serve as goof promotional giveaways too.

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About SRednarb

Sally Rednarb, the face behind the success of her promotional items and corporate gifts website. Serving clients for 5 years.

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For questions on all types of inquiries for promotional items and corporate gifts, feel free to contact us anytime.

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