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First Careers Before Being a Promotional Marketer

Sally Rednarb (SRednarb) Promotional Marketer

Sally Rednarb started a career in 2001 as a ramp model in for less popular brands and actually still does some modeling from time-to-time as she was discovered by simply watching a local mini fashion show on sportswear where she was mistakenly thought to be part of the models when the organizers were scolding her for not being prepared backstage and kept wandering around. Eventually, the manager of one of the models picked her up and the rest of her modeling was history.

Although still a student then, Sally was a marketing major still in school and with the help of her modeling career, she had enough capital to start up with and do her own business consulting where she worked mainly on branding, marketing and advertising, starting with the small local chambers of commerce, she has built her reputation and is now server clients in and out of California.

Sally Rednarb Modelling Photo
One of many Sally Rednarb's pictorial photographs during her modelling career.

Popular for her speaking engagements talking about targeting local markets selling small commodities on a shoestring budget and how to spread brand awareness with low budget marketing campaigns, she became a sought after speaker in small business associations. For more information about Sally Rednarb and for booking arrangements, you may visit her site

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Promotional Items and Corporate Gift Giveaways

Promotional items and corporate gifts as branded company giveaways has always been one of the many areas Sally has recommended to her clients although there is always a certain number of the best giveaways to give for specific companies and situations. Each company may have its unique marketing strategy. But no matter what corporate gift or promotional item works best for your company, Sally has always recommended a single supplier for all her branded giveaways because of their large variety of available options all under one roof.

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